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Below, you'll find a few different meditation practices.  Give each of them a try and see which one resonates. If you try one on and it feels good, stick with it. Try to do it each day for a week. More important than the meditation itself, notice how you feel during the day.

If you have never meditated before, check out the blog posts on this page. These along with the quick tips will give you a foundation to rest upon before you start practicing. Enjoy.

Quick Tips


Meditation should be the easiest part of your day. Allow your mind to drift and relax as you listen to these recordings. No effort is required on your part. Take a break.

Get comfortable.

This is not an exercise in suffering. Take time to get yourself comfortable.  If something starts to hurt while you're meditating, just move! Enjoy your practice.

Don't try so hard.

Expectations around meditation are blown way out of proportion. You're expected to concentrate and have excellent focus, all without moving a muscle. Just for now, drop these ideas. Let your effort soften, let your body relax, and let yourself drift.

Blog posts

Image by Ales Krivec

What is meditation?

New to meditation? Start here. Get a baseline understanding of what meditation is, and how it may improve your life.

Image by Gia Oris

Beginning your practice

Interested in building a meditation practice of your own? Learn the basics of meditation and get started today.

Image by Jason Leung

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation differs from breath awareness or mindfulness techniques. Discover a unique perspective on meditation.

Image by Pero Kalimero

Body Scan for Relaxation

This is a simple body scan meditation that is meant to bring a sense of peace and relaxation to both body and mind. Find a comfortable place to either sit or lie down. Once your body is comfortable, begin the meditation. Don't be in a rush to get up after you've finished the session. Enjoy the newfound sense of peace and let it filter into the rest of your day.

Body Scan For Relaxation
00:00 / 17:54

Mantra Meditation for Shifting Focus

This mantra meditation will start by calming and releasing tension in your body. As you continue to settle, the meditation will shift to deliberately and gently focusing on what you need for the rest of your day or night. Again, don't be in a rush to jump up after you've finished. Let the quality of the meditation filter into your body, your mind, and the rest of your day.

Mantra Meditation
00:00 / 17:21
Image by Sam Schooler

Meditation Lead In

This short meditation is designed to allow you to gently release your body and mind. It will begin with a brief guided meditation. At the end of the exercise, however, I will not complete the meditation. It is left open-ended on purpose. This way, you have a chance to practice on your own and enjoy your own explorations. Be mindful, there is no ending bell or chime. When you feel like you've had enough gently bring yourself back to your body after your session. Enjoy! 

Lead In For Your Own Practice
00:00 / 12:21
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